Strongly influenced by Eastern philosophies and in constant reflection about our symbiosis with nature, my work offers a contemporary vision on the themes of life, space and the environment.

Birds, nests, landscape and elements of nature come together in structured images, rich color palette, and an extensive array of textures.

Through my work, I melt elements in cohabitation: figuration and abstraction, free and controlled gesture, fragments left by painting and drawing. Thus initially inspired from nature, semi-figurative compositions blooming in my imagination become small secret gardens.

Living in the region of Montreal, I studied in Visual Arts at the University of Quebec from 1991 to 1996. Creating mix-media interrelated series for almost 20 years, I have participated to many exhibitions, especially in Quebec and the United States; I have appeared in over ten solo shows and around seventy group exhibitions. Today, many of my works are shown in various public collections in Quebec, and private collections in North America, Europe and Japan.

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